The prolix extended to centre winds that blew, forming fusion intent to allocate the emptiness, succumbed, that grew, new reflections journeyed wherever strangers, suspended, threw your memory, and I can’t breathe this stale air. On dark mountains we walked paths lit by moonlights lies and romantic twists. Travelled softly, in quieter times, to swim in... Continue Reading →


Sleep in shadows – unhinged – draped against such oblique regard. The world renounced such disjointed beauty, lapping against darker shores. I would surrender my life to feel your heart beat – howling demon – once more. You are not alone, my love! But let my love no longer trouble you. For in those days... Continue Reading →

Dahmer (and an update)

Hello beautiful people How are you all today? I took a few days off after sharing the free chapbook with you (see my last post to find it), but I am back and here is a brand new poem for you all. It may have gotten slightly dark again, but it is October!. Please comment... Continue Reading →

Ingénue Paramour

I watched her from afar, the intricate melody that bore soul and rhythm into listless hours remixed by shortened susurrus reminders of dramas to be the centre of deep affections. She flickered in light, ephemeral to the touch, yet more radiant than a thousand suns lingering in clear nights and black penumbras promises, I fell... Continue Reading →

The Dweller by the Tomb

- For Talitha - Madness. My life is a mortuary pressing against my skull in which no sacrament holds between these empty thoughts; and I want to be taken for granite. Sanguineous opinions that drain the will from cold lips, gracile delirium coming to nothing. Layers of sulphurous myth that burns my heart and I... Continue Reading →

An Unwelcomed Wight

♦ From my book 'Under the Rose' ♦ Each purpose in the first wept tears for existence that did not come. The rolling empty stomach of each untenanted syllable undone. Between the lonely water’s edge and prolonged forgotten shores, his heart knew only tournaments of thorns, degradation without cause. The lilies laughed below cold showers... Continue Reading →

A Wake for Hours Past

You wrapped your wings against my soul, calmly cascaded tears into eternal waters, where I sat in solitude, waiting ephemerally, for those hours of lost comfort once again. How long ago did sleep become such an end? Those hopeful moments that pass through our hands as sweeping seconds, which stand as monuments to who we... Continue Reading →

A Song Of Whispered Hours

Those faint wind-swept melodies skim the surface of aspiration’s pond. Winter Centurions, drowsy in long wait for the warmth of forgotten ancient bonds, mimic the fly away ends of life’s equilibrium. Quietus and cursory as the fall of Rome, Did you consider the lives you left behind? Each ‘you’ on rocky footing, weighed with age,... Continue Reading →

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