The Silent Balance


The Blurb

“Within this book is Phen Weston’s 2014 collection of Waka Poetry. A simple expression of beauty and emotion, moment and thought, uttered through traditional Japanese verse. Included are over one hundred Haikus, Tankas, Chokas, Bussokusekikas, Katautas and Sedokas. Waka Poetry contains hidden and intelligible magnificence that resonates the cosmos. All royalties made by the author on sales of this book (after tax and expenses) will be given to Light In The Closet, a support group for the LGBT community in Warrington, England. Find them on twitter at @lightcloset.”

The Content


The Reviews

Callum Mclaughlin – 9th April 2015

Weston is a poet who breathes heart into everything he writes.

Easy to read yet laced with depth, each and every short poem in this wonderful collection brings pause for reflection and wonder. If you are in search of a new talent in poetry then look no further.


Beautifully Crafted Waka Poetry – 5 out of 5 stars

W. Stancombe – 6 Oct. 2015

I really enjoyed reading these simple, yet moving forms of poetry. Weston has a real grasp and love for Japanese poetry that shows from the very beginning. So many to choose from I fond myself returning to these again and again. The book is also accompanied by some beautiful photographs taken by the author that bring certain poems to life.

What’s more is that the profits made by the author himself are all going to charity. What greater cause is there to purchase this beautiful little book? Another fantastic read by Phen Weston.

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