A Frozen Morning

Golden radius blends the azure skies in harmonious quiet resonance, surrounded by frozen fields that hide the brimming life of crystallised distance and tender minds. We walk along the twisting river bank as unclothed hands tingle with the anticipation of each other loving touch, graceful instigation. A winter’s tale of life as clear as water,... Continue Reading →

De Temps En Temps*

She fabricated the reach of evermore to sustain sweet dalliances, where stardust interchanged between the sheets of galaxies. Who could foresee celestial ardour when allure and mystique cocooned divine re-emergence? Reawakening the beating drum of all to come – her lips, her stare, her touch, her soul  – A sacred offering and devoted fragrance provided... Continue Reading →


The shade of death Upon your lips parallels Fallen leaves upon the ground. Symphonies are notes Just stitched together. The wind upon susurrated tears. Those departed. One we all hum, Sooner or later. Yet, sometimes, I wish sooner Would hurry its way along... © Phen Weston, 2018

That Difference In You

I tried to make this different, To Cut along the lines of your Form in ways that would leave a mark Without permanent scars, But Each cut just seemed To take the edge and cover it in Marred memories and Passing passion, Now You don't see my name Or hear my voice as I whisper ... Continue Reading →

My Penumbra Illustration

I remember your shadow- those faded lines between the cracking clouds above- strained in hues of solitude- a simple kiss- against the night we forced among the stars- locked into places fashioned from old snapshots- we were exposed to the calling of lost skies- empty birds in whirlwind frames- transparency for her longed requested kiss-... Continue Reading →


*15th October 2015*    I remember when you lay against my soul, pressed your warmth into my empty spaces and how the heavens opened above our hearts. We splashed in destiny between the streams of conscious repetition. There was no burden, but, oh, you ask, "would we do it all again?" Borrowed from those echoes... Continue Reading →


Quid pro quo- what do you wish for- as their innocence cascades through air in morning light- pressed between the covers of starlit desires- and those questions marked- and masquerade- sorted from the promises to stand- a good man- and I am pressed- and I never assume- and there was never A truth that hurtled... Continue Reading →

Nympholepsy, Her Play.

She was the succubus between desires, only living through that fatally etched reportage of loathing within screaming replacement appetites. Who thought she was more avidity than night walker? Yet, all her passions fell short of heart and fickle emotions, that wild frenzy raging swift hurt, cutting only deeper. Those eyes shone immorality between cracked sheets,... Continue Reading →

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