Sleep in shadows –
unhinged –
draped against such oblique regard.
The world renounced such disjointed beauty,
lapping against darker shores.
I would surrender my life
to feel your heart beat –
howling demon –
once more.

You are not alone, my love!
But let my love no longer trouble you.
For in those days we only married
and all I want is to feel your night
press against me in sweet mourn.
I grieve for you like no other.
The empty sepulcher
that holds no smaller cause.
Where you dance naked
and enslave my senses.
How can I compete,
when amore replaced
the ancient parapets of scorn.

Simple is the fall of gods –
they all slumber at your feet.
When night becomes the shriek
displaced into nervous contemplations.
Where all the souls
linger in the promise of your wars.
I sing of nothingness – prick your ears –
make a wish upon the thorns!

Prick our fingers
to govern those departed
and languish in such misery
Suffer not – my sweet darling –
I will sup your breath away,
and lay you against the pitch of night
to watch such life decay.


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