They March Besides Us

Fond old Flanders Knows the pain of men Beyond the frisson Of soft fuliginous night, Futilitarian phantoms Are the hoarfrost of war And hubris humility Hangs in calm balance, How did we immolate The impervious days To those ineffable dreams? Insidious they bleed. Warm and iridescent, The spectres march Along the isthmus of our world,... Continue Reading →

Thomas – A Travelling Poem

Today I found out that a family friend, while travelling through France, went to Epehy Wood Farm Cemetery and placed a rose, a cross and a copy of my poem Thomas on his grave. I am deeply honoured by this and so very happy. My family have not had the chance to visit my uncles... Continue Reading →


If you had known how it would end Would you have gone to war? All that you have left my friend What did your soul die for? Words recorded on a wall? Your name is now a fleeting thought In Flanders, where you did fall, A foreign grave, in foreign soil, At Epehy you stood... Continue Reading →

The Candle Burns

(For Thomas Beardmore. Died 1918, aged 23) "The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time" - Sir Edward Grey Heathen days, So far away, England's darkest night, Until war was no more, All light, with honour, Lay crepuscular, Twilight chills forlorn souls, While mother's hearts... Continue Reading →

Strolls Through No-Man’s Land

Strangled light accentuates The pock marked damnation Of deformed no-man's land, Malformed haze devotedly Pilfers our silent sights, Stagnant water feeds death Into the already crumbling Horrors that await damned Souls too honourable To see the futility of our Final acts upon the nothing We patriotically claim In the name of god, king, county, From... Continue Reading →

British Tenacity

(Ode to Bernard Jordan) His great escape Didn't come during His turbulent days At bloody Normandy, Or while diving Into a sunken submarine To recover the enemies Decoder to identify vessels, But at the age of ninety When told he could not go To remember his Fallen friends at the D-Day Memorial service in France,... Continue Reading →

Overlord (A Tribute to D-Day)

"We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender." - Winston Churchill On windy waters We huddled, Nerves wrenched And wrung,... Continue Reading →

Patriotism Slaughtered Our Youth

Artillery raged ferociously overhead, Howitzer’s barrages choke the sky, Bullets whistle with downfalls heavy cry Valiant and vicious, The soldiers bitter sacrifice. The world distorts as deadly clouds warp, Stealing and incarcerating our young souls, Haunting cries escape the fog, GAS! GAS! GAS! Monstrous gurgles fill stagnant air, All about deaths harbingers hold prayer, Rancid... Continue Reading →

When The Americans Came.

(Inspired by a true story) They came into Tam's village M16s raised, helmets glistening, He wanted no part of their war, The Americans, the North, the South, Just to live, farm, and marry, Like his father and grandfather, He didn't know what they wanted, But knew his country was a puppet For more powerful greedy... Continue Reading →

The Forgiving Dead

When you see me lying there Do you think there is the enemy? When you stand and stare Down as I bleed across the ground Am I human to you? When I was young My father sat me down And told me "Son, the world Is wide and beautiful. Filled with so many Beautiful people... Continue Reading →

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