Listen Close…

So, over the last year I’ve written the opening stanzas to many Katautas which until late have only been half of the poem they were meant to be. Some of you may remember my post explaining that they are traditionally two halves of a Waka poem, sharing emotion and meaning between two poets. Lately I’ve been engaged in a fantastic, top secret, poetic project with an amazing poetess and journalist, Nickie Shobeiry, who always blows my mind with her ability to weave words (click here to read some of her amazing work). This project should be coming to fruition in the next few months, so keep an eye out, but for now, here are some of our Katautas to wet your appetites…


Autumn winds may chill
That frosty night, but clear skies
Bare heavens waiting beauty.

Swirling clouds sleep tight
Far away from where we are,
Winking at the coming sun.


Underhanded hearts
Retain myopic nuance,
Deceitful dystopia.

Breaking open chains
Is not for the faint of heart,
Unhand your utopia.


Holstered destinies
Inseminate all-out war,
Live, stand strong and be counted.

Arms linked, skip to bed,
In childhood cots lie numbered,
Pacified with warm bullets.


I flow undeserving
Toward your ancient oceans
For deliverance disguised.

Head-first into your
Hidden caves I fall, belly
Sings with water. Listen close.


© Phen Weston & Nickie Shobeiry, 2015.

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