Sacrarium Deiparous (Revisited, 27th January 2015)

Today words curve around my vision,
stumbling from my parched core
to soak again those strands of silence,

And all I can see, standing straightened,
in violet lies and blind endearment, is you,
focused on falsiloquence speech
for those loving spasms of my life,

But I have no time for feretory displays,
when light conceives new beginnings
far from those madding crowds
of hyperborean malice renewed,

There is peace in this celestial world,
stinging and striking harmonies,
where I sit beneath the canopy of heaven,
relinquished of flavescent fevers,

Fructiferous by my own self will,
A being of human significance,
in my place of sacred objects.


Poem © Phen Weston 2015


19 thoughts on “Sacrarium Deiparous (Revisited, 27th January 2015)

Add yours

    1. Ah thank you 🙂

      I’m very glad you enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to our collaboration. I just have an annoying presentation for uni to get out the way on Friday. I hate presentations!

      1. Ignore them. Find a focal point in the back of the room. Go inside yourself and find the fire. Speak from your heart and annunciate. 🙂 🙂

      2. Well, it beats my usual tactic of stuttering and forgetting what I was meant to talk about. I was just getting used to the short 15 minute ones we have been doing when they throw an hour long one at us with a weeks notice! Although that was more sheer bad luck, they’re staggered each week and I got the short draw!

      3. Damn. Now an hour is different! Pace yourself. Just shove that fear down and speak out from your bubble like you’re saving the children.

      4. Thank you for the advice. It probably won’t be as bad as I expect it to be. And once it’s done I won’t have to worry any more and can sit back and watch everyone else. Then no more presentations! Yay.

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