Pretty Little Narcissist

“Oh, I am the victim,” He cried as he lit the match, fanned the blaze, too pretentious in his own heirdom to play any other game, but fatality. “Yeah man, like, your behaviour’s upsetting me. You betrayed our friendship circle” While stealing, lying and spreading vampiric disease through to any soul broken enough to believe... Continue Reading →


Quae Nocent

"Bury all your secrets in my skin Come away with innocence and leave me with my sins" -Slipknot all my words suffocate with your crumbling heart- that which you gave me and I was too weak to understand- you were my masked savior- the angel meant to bring together all my fragments and place me... Continue Reading →


I am nought Wallflower of the abyss Waiting for that final Detached breath...


Zombified, sleepless, numb You're the epitome of deceased In this living human carapace And I adore you with infinity To the eldritch reaches of nothing Held to my breast, insane devotion And damnation to unearthly hope Dark queen, my harbinger of chaos...


I am valiant to the dreams of my being. Drunk on vulnerability that keep me grounded, yet play back and forth within shifting skies. I am valiant, Ethnarch of my own existence. But does that evince the shroud of misanthropy? Or leave me craving more than reality...


sometimes i crumble- likened to my thoughts- divergence comes as a daily plea- auscultation of mind over reality- I stare into the abyss- dimensions wrought with ricketed union and consumed with bliss that staples cognition to dalliance- i live- aquiver in her arms- wondering if she is harm or nurture and only feeling her ineffable... Continue Reading →

Everything Will Look Better In The Morning

Lambs stood amongst thistle as shadows dance in morning thirst. Mist, whiplashed and grazed against the rejected sun, placed pity upon everyone. Empty haunts that lonely road, dressed in spasms of mythical light. And on the sharpened teeth of predators only innocence holds to frostbite. Was there room in their heart? Blackened dreams that lock... Continue Reading →

Be Not Afraid

A simple kiss. Withdrawal, synapse and draped fate, shifts through entrails. Playing games here and there; but longing comes with retort, plagiarising life before a first simple kiss. To feel komorebi as I hang in woodlands. To feel temperateness of water as life spews from wrists. To taste salt as waves pull me down to... Continue Reading →

Druxy by Phen Weston

Had the chance to again be part of this great project. Here is my submission, Druxy.

Peace, love and oblivion

Night Forest Cell of Radical Poets

Glimmers filter through trees
but lacking the usual beauty of komorebi.
Heartwood is plagued by blight
and I am tired…
Tired of the sins held to my breast
and placed into catacombs where life should rest.

The earth blackens, and I endure.
The earth blackens, and I place my lips upon it,
kissing nothing but existence,
and we all know
existence means nought.

I place my lips against the earth
and feel unknown as rivers burn and life,
life drowns before the WILL of counterfeit gods,
gothic noir and outlandish decisions.
Life is cruel, and I am broken.

I neither care nor want to care.
Just stop!
Stop breathing, stop feeling, stop seeing
the poison you place between yourselves.
The poison you tender to each other in tenderness
that MEANS NOTHING, when, in reality, no one cares
or promises with truth. Everybody lies.

Every time I open my eyes I see…

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