Memoirs of Icarus

The old man sat staring out towards the ocean. A rushing serenity that lapped at more than golden sandy shores, taking hold. The tranquil touch of such a view shifted the presence of buoyancy and natural limitations to a new understanding, a vivid clarification of life that may yet come to pass, even if that... Continue Reading →

To Kill…

(So sad to hear about the passing of writer Harper Lee. Such sad news, she had a huge impact on my mother, and society as a whole. In remembrance, and for my mother, I thought I would share this again.)      At home, as a child, there was always a copy of To Kill... Continue Reading →

Their Eyes Kissed With Such Briefness.

Their eyes kissed with such briefness. He knew it was over. His throat compressed and his heart beat harder and faster, feeling as though it would tear through his chest at any minute. He was relieved and happy, excitement building. Emotions overwhelmed his brittle defences. He was free at long last! Except. That was a... Continue Reading →

Stories From A Serial Killer (A Monologue)

Do you have pets? I keep pigs myself. Beautiful animals you know. Ou’ back there I currently ‘ave ten stunning Yorkshires in pens wai’ing to be slaugh’ered. Getting too big you see, need room for the younger generation as they say. Beautiful animals, well when they’re in a good mood that is. There’s a lot... Continue Reading →

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