ANNOUNCEMENT! The Silent Balance

Hello beautiful World, How are you all today? Hopefully enjoying the beautiful gift of life we have all been given? So, today I have a big announcement! The completion and publication of my second book, titled ‘The Silent Balance’. This book is the collected works of my Waka poetry over the last year. It contains... Continue Reading →

Listen Close…

So, over the last year I've written the opening stanzas to many Katautas which until late have only been half of the poem they were meant to be. Some of you may remember my post explaining that they are traditionally two halves of a Waka poem, sharing emotion and meaning between two poets. Lately I've been... Continue Reading →

A Winters Tale (A Katauta Challenge?)

*Although I write many Katauta poems (a traditional form of Waka), none of them are really complete. Traditionally Katauta's are one half of an exchange between poets, friends, family, lovers. A melding of minds, beauty, ideas and form... So, if anyone would like, below is one that I have just written... I would be honoured for... Continue Reading →

Katauta from Antwerp!

(The internet in the hotel is like my mind usually is (somewhere else), so I haven't been able to catch up with the awesome comments from you all. I hope you're all well though and taking care! Here's a quick Katuata before the internet vanishes again) Miles walked and blisters, Belgium beer goes down smooth,... Continue Reading →

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