A Sonnet for Willow

We walked down a bare beach, on a new world, where dusk’s broken skies made pledges to dance with lithesome voices hushed, in winds that swirled through always, lapping at our feet, entranced. And you could distinguish with clarity, each flawless life inside aspiring seeds, hopes held to assured solidarity, tangled in foaming waves, as... Continue Reading →


The skin pulls tight against my aching bones, erstwhile hands stretched through indifferent space and sweeping relinquish between cyclones toward captured darkness as aged as Thrace, we stood on shorelines of hoarfrost combined with all the dreams of spirits that hover on tiptoe of our created divine, simple promises curved and uncovered to fill the... Continue Reading →

Eclipse (Free Verse Sonnet)

Transition plays reassured surrender, passing through impending faith for each one, reflective tranquillity unto which we render the vacant light of each unknown vanishing sun. Nightmares consume paramours with promise, Each longing to sustain obscuring skies, The seasoning temperaments, called too honest, solace gained between concealed lies. Consuming passions discard innocence in lieu of mirages occupied... Continue Reading →

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