Talitha – Free Ebook/PDF

Hello Beautiful people! How are we all? So, I've been a little quiet lately, but I have been busy. New day job and other changes in my life have taken too much of my time at present. But such is life. I am still here and, although it may be sporadic, I will continue to... Continue Reading →

Dahmer (and an update)

Hello beautiful people How are you all today? I took a few days off after sharing the free chapbook with you (see my last post to find it), but I am back and here is a brand new poem for you all. It may have gotten slightly dark again, but it is October!. Please comment... Continue Reading →

Kozo Paper Home

Winds scurry between Rafters hold the family Kozo paper home Dowse me in transience There were candles blistering Reflecting romance Form is her dancing Wildfowl fill the dawning skies Ruby Tuesday hums Taxidermy hopes Flitter as breath on the wind We belong to cats Proposed to hours as lovers The bee sting always lingers ©... Continue Reading →

Quae Nocent

"Bury all your secrets in my skin Come away with innocence and leave me with my sins" -Slipknot all my words suffocate with your crumbling heart- that which you gave me and I was too weak to understand- you were my masked savior- the angel meant to bring together all my fragments and place me... Continue Reading →


I am valiant to the dreams of my being. Drunk on vulnerability that keep me grounded, yet play back and forth within shifting skies. I am valiant, Ethnarch of my own existence. But does that evince the shroud of misanthropy? Or leave me craving more than reality...


sometimes i crumble- likened to my thoughts- divergence comes as a daily plea- auscultation of mind over reality- I stare into the abyss- dimensions wrought with ricketed union and consumed with bliss that staples cognition to dalliance- i live- aquiver in her arms- wondering if she is harm or nurture and only feeling her ineffable... Continue Reading →

Everything Will Look Better In The Morning

Lambs stood amongst thistle as shadows dance in morning thirst. Mist, whiplashed and grazed against the rejected sun, placed pity upon everyone. Empty haunts that lonely road, dressed in spasms of mythical light. And on the sharpened teeth of predators only innocence holds to frostbite. Was there room in their heart? Blackened dreams that lock... Continue Reading →

“This outcast whom nobody wants”

Scaffolding clasps my heart. This shattered chi isn’t made of metal, wood, nor starch, but dreams that cannot weather further begrimed diurnal gales– and I have no more tears. If I placed a promise upon your lips would you know who I am? As much as any being can grasp and perish your anagram. Days... Continue Reading →

Memoirs of Icarus

The old man sat staring out towards the ocean. A rushing serenity that lapped at more than golden sandy shores, taking hold. The tranquil touch of such a view shifted the presence of buoyancy and natural limitations to a new understanding, a vivid clarification of life that may yet come to pass, even if that... Continue Reading →


“How can I be reasonable? To me our love was everything and you were my whole life. It is not very pleasant to realize that to you it was only an episode.” ― W. Somerset Maugham, The Painted Veil. I understood your cold feet. Understood the chill in your limbs, as it had always been... Continue Reading →

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