Will find me

there is no life here- no intricacy- nor artistry- only wandering empty hours binding to afterlife- where I sway with death- dance beneath the abyss and rendered into end-


Words Drawn

♦ From my book ‘Nothing But The Rain’ ♦ You drew a picture Of me today, Surrounded by The words I tend, With no surprise, Each of them Led back to you, Your lines, shading And hue accentuate The idioms, lexis And expressions Of me, You make I, Infinite, ongoing, Tracing the circle of illustrated... Continue Reading →


I am valiant to the dreams of my being. Drunk on vulnerability that keep me grounded, yet play back and forth within shifting skies. I am valiant, Ethnarch of my own existence. But does that evince the shroud of misanthropy? Or leave me craving more than reality...

Untitled, 8th Nov ‘17

‪Your lies, a crypt,‬ ‪and now love is grave‬ ‪where I forgo our barrow‬ ‪with egregious mistake.‬ ‪Temper sent to reminisce,‬ ‪of all those days we danced-‬ ‪and I never grasped‬ ‪your verse in mourn- in death‬ ‪we call to each other:‬ ‪"Name me forgotten, tryst to night.‬ ‪I was never yours at all."‬

Empty Words…

I want to write such lonely words That break your heart a thousand times, To arouse each hungry depth of emotion Stolen from attended places by your lips, Did you ever see me as more than a blank page? Parallels denied by our ink and scripture Through affections singular premonition, A wall of silence stands... Continue Reading →

Wonderful, But Forgotten.

I lost my fear of death when I was in your eyes, rapture and reconciliation mirrored in protest, carnal in the still life of transmuted lines. I was born too late to see the sensibility of poppies. Only losing the aftermath in resisted, beautiful times. You asked me for my story, so I gave you... Continue Reading →

Euphony to Grieving

Intricate melody bore sanctity and treason- listless shivers- fractured prisms- schism lovers and drama's father- to be that centrepiece-    flickering by candle light her sweet cacophony lost its human constancy- enveloped within our predetermined pornography-    we borrowed each letter owed-    c’est cela l’amour- tout donner- tout sacrifier sans espoir de retour-   ... Continue Reading →

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