Kozo Paper Home

Winds scurry between Rafters hold the family Kozo paper home Dowse me in transience There were candles blistering Reflecting romance Form is her dancing Wildfowl fill the dawning skies Ruby Tuesday hums Taxidermy hopes Flitter as breath on the wind We belong to cats Proposed to hours as lovers The bee sting always lingers ©... Continue Reading →

Katauta 28/07/2018

They turn between stars As though songbirds in adore Lost souls floating together


Her soul was tarnished Soft touch and anxiety Waif in teardrop dreams Placing ever in distilled Life promised to his longing.   © Phen Weston 2018  

Untitled Tanka

Ten thousand words sit parched on my lips, my lost love. Benevolent dreams, and how I wish your eyes sung songs of yesterday once more.

Yasmin (A Tanka)

Crimson falls among   Jasmines, insensate daughter   of human disgrace, face of odium, who's heart   now lay in garnets embrace.   ********************** For 14 year old Yasmin Rashad al-Zarou, a victim of Murder.

Untitled Tanka

I hold her gaze as her thoughts wander- nude within- moving so little we'd come so far- abandoned- limited- to face our fear-    Poem © Phen Weston 2015  

ANNOUNCEMENT! The Silent Balance

Hello beautiful World, How are you all today? Hopefully enjoying the beautiful gift of life we have all been given? So, today I have a big announcement! The completion and publication of my second book, titled ‘The Silent Balance’. This book is the collected works of my Waka poetry over the last year. It contains... Continue Reading →

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