Nebula and Tinted Truths

I remember the gentle breeze that rushed against our skin as we fell into each other's spiralling nebula and tinted truths that, in fabricated inevitability, obscured nothing. You ignited a way to worlds within your phosphorus senses that reverberated the innermost lament of our soul. And as I crumpled between the sheets of an empty... Continue Reading →


Was pain always just short of the worlds we paint in strokes? Alias to love wrapped in whispers and scented with foxglove. Our words were kissed with steal, embedded in swordplay. Each a symbol of transformation from form to emotion. And we wait for secrets to unfold themselves, all the little white horses that trace... Continue Reading →

A Taoist Poem by Han-Shan

A scholar named Wang Laughed at my poems. The accents are wrong, He said, Too many beats; The meter is poor, The wording impulsive.    I laugh at his poems, As he laughs at mine. They read like The words of a blind man Describing the sun.   (Han-Shan was a legendary figure associated with... Continue Reading →

Resented Deep

I denounce your care For the castigated fallacy Your true nature shows It to coldly, collectedly, be. I am more free, chastised By ugly rotting truths, Than locked carelessly Into your leviathan lies. The great leviathans, Reckoning from the deep Seeps through wonder, I see you now, blinding truth. Poem © Phen Weston

Ode to Maya Angelou

A woman Above, Who's life rocked With the times she lived Unimaginable struggle, Condemned intolerance, Constructed to be defined By those too ignorant To see the beauty Of all life. She stood for truths Long held back by those Who's hearts cried With hateful outrage, All-the-while STANDING Tall and proud Against the aggravations Of the... Continue Reading →


I will not trade Painful truths For lazy lies, Hard gotten intelligence For easy ignorance, How can they claim That through these False states comes bliss? Where would we be If we had accepted Only this? In a cold harsh cave, Scared of the dark And the wide wide world, Terrified of the apple That... Continue Reading →


Catfish conundrum, I am held by your unknown, Deceit reveals denied truth. Poem © Phen Weston

It’s just a ride!

Grotesque fat cats sit Counting their cold hard cash. The repugnant stench Of their unctuous greed Fills all the lands. On the zenith of a hill Sat a young boy, With Serenity of mind And soul, Ebullient. An ethereal lullaby in his voice. A violent grimace Filled the faces of the foul Fat cats, "You... Continue Reading →

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