A Wake for Hours Past

You wrapped your wings against my soul, calmly cascaded tears into eternal waters, where I sat in solitude, waiting ephemerally, for those hours of lost comfort once again. How long ago did sleep become such an end? Those hopeful moments that pass through our hands as sweeping seconds, which stand as monuments to who we... Continue Reading →

A Song Of Whispered Hours

Those faint wind-swept melodies skim the surface of aspiration’s pond. Winter Centurions, drowsy in long wait for the warmth of forgotten ancient bonds, mimic the fly away ends of life’s equilibrium. Quietus and cursory as the fall of Rome, Did you consider the lives you left behind? Each ‘you’ on rocky footing, weighed with age,... Continue Reading →

De Temps En Temps*

She fabricated the reach of evermore to sustain sweet dalliances, where stardust interchanged between the sheets of galaxies. Who could foresee celestial ardour when allure and mystique cocooned divine re-emergence? Reawakening the beating drum of all to come – her lips, her stare, her touch, her soul  – A sacred offering and devoted fragrance provided... Continue Reading →

Sleep Grimalkin (Revisited, 3rd July 2015)

♦ From my book ‘Nothing But The Rain’ ♦ Grimalkin sulked and snuck, Matted fur, feverish night, The witching hour lay insight, Mistress soon would raise her head, She baited the mouse, slithered, Waiting to pounce and devour, Only four teeth remained, But still enough to snap bone, She purred playfully to herself, The stench... Continue Reading →


♦ From my book 'Nothing But The Rain' ♦ Sky aflame with vermillion passion adrift Empty streets silently serenade silken Within my pocket Hemingway hums static. Poem © Phen Weston 2014

The Waves Broke

Drums beat swift and time beat strong. 'Til all the night was gone with stringent devouring tomes, where I watched you swim alone in places meant for intimate dreams. We lapsed in time, and strayed for days before our thoughts first kissed. Upon us laid mothers delicate heart- afraid. They found our fascination with long-forgotten... Continue Reading →


Worn, I twisted like an old dead tree bowing to the wind, but kings that bend were no man, and similar words were not your mothers name. We were taxidermy lovers, stitched and stuffed so many times that even moth-eyed girls could not find the light when all our worlds were drained and left remorseful.... Continue Reading →


“Twelve thousand miles away from your smile, I’m twelve thousand miles away from me” - Emily Barker What words I write don’t echo you? Nobody. All I am is what you abandon. Naught, because you left nothing of me. Am I called empty, Vacant? Only holes in time that ghosts the paths I walk? Oh... Continue Reading →


She was lipstick upon my faded heart- an ability to mourn something more than parted words on floating blue wings- I fell- the last of those hidden barricades crashing with her scent against this old skin- And how would I ever know the soul of atonement- in which she played with somber tones- the cello... Continue Reading →

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