Nothing but the rain.

♦ From my book ‘Nothing But The Rain’  (Surprisingly)♦ Through life’s chaos Did she die grounded? He promised ardor, Asking only what she saw Before the fading light Of elapsed finite presence, “Nothing but the rain” She sincerely appealed, Falling through the universe, Spiraling star that she was, The cooling eternal winds Filled her earthly... Continue Reading →

3 Quotes/3 Day Mr Rupley Challenge… (A very late) Day Two!

So, Mr Rupley's challenge is slightly late, and I'm really sorry... But, I promise I will make it up to you all... So, to do that, and because I know Mr. Rupley will appreciate this... First I will give you a quote, and my nominations and then I will share with you all the secret... Continue Reading →

Untitled, 29th December 2015

She strung temperament from one star to the next, the delicate reflection of a soul sold to permanence. I watched as she leapt from galactic gulf to solar apex, showing little regard for the dreams that hinder her metamorphosis.   How, I wondered, what she was.   How did she come to venture through each... Continue Reading →


Dreamscapes lap against her comic heart. The jester beating to his own rhythm. We were born within this sepia night, where stars nip at our ankles and I turn to you in wonder. "How is your will this evening?" She burst into ten million colliding stars. Mother to a universe which I solely occupy. Yet,... Continue Reading →

Things I don’t Know

Things I don't know: Why stars must die, Things I do know: That you are the star in my so(u)lar system, Like all stars One day you will die too, And if I'm unlucky Enough to be there, My universe will die With you. Poem © Phen Weston

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