Talitha – Free Ebook/PDF

Hello Beautiful people! How are we all? So, I've been a little quiet lately, but I have been busy. New day job and other changes in my life have taken too much of my time at present. But such is life. I am still here and, although it may be sporadic, I will continue to... Continue Reading →


Sleep in shadows – unhinged – draped against such oblique regard. The world renounced such disjointed beauty, lapping against darker shores. I would surrender my life to feel your heart beat – howling demon – once more. You are not alone, my love! But let my love no longer trouble you. For in those days... Continue Reading →


Little girl lost in snow her heart filled with boundless woe We came together, by the see only her bleak soul and me She held me close, my astral bride and together, there, we both died Little girl lost in winter am I just another splinter? We came together, we loved apart she was the... Continue Reading →

Joy Division

I was lost in my own shadowplay, transmission mixed with untouched states. To blame it all on unknown pleasures, I am the disease, still, your disorder. You became my ceremony, atmosphere in incubation. Between the streets of Warsaw, walking digital traps and glass potential ‘Dead souls’ plays on the radio, as I wrap myself in... Continue Reading →

Trapped in a Self-made Cage

I think I was more afraid of letting go than I was of you of taking hold than of the words you drew from my empty pockets in my lament and thoughts that stew on empty spaces where I could never make it through to any life that wasn’t pinched like endless lines of our... Continue Reading →

Dahmer (and an update)

Hello beautiful people How are you all today? I took a few days off after sharing the free chapbook with you (see my last post to find it), but I am back and here is a brand new poem for you all. It may have gotten slightly dark again, but it is October!. Please comment... Continue Reading →


You disdainfully whisper, "time is a lie!", when nothing holds against such empty skies. I found naught in you that was ever mine and those lonely days began such a decline. To what was never there, and never will, as you were never ours, just empty still photographs that may well never have been, draped... Continue Reading →

The Dweller by the Tomb

- For Talitha - Madness. My life is a mortuary pressing against my skull in which no sacrament holds between these empty thoughts; and I want to be taken for granite. Sanguineous opinions that drain the will from cold lips, gracile delirium coming to nothing. Layers of sulphurous myth that burns my heart and I... Continue Reading →

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