She aches addiction, While withering lives. Black neurosis, a trinket- Scrap petals and knives- To be played Until intrigue wavers And all the world drops dead. On her words, I made us Inside my head. Would Plath be proud Of deaf coveting instead? So many lives, I try to be in time, To be not... Continue Reading →



I am the wind swept Month of May in rigour. Even death was late for me And kept the breeze hanging Until thistle and bone Were only remembered melodies Upon my heart. The cello Cacophony of symmetry. I am the wind swept Forest, decaying in those summer Suns that etch through Rebellious thorns to strive... Continue Reading →


I listen to the rain As it drums your name Against an empty pane And pain Reflects the world In stencils stretched Across arching street Light shimmer- winter seance In my head Plath Replays in detritus dreams But I am I am I am

Suicide and White Noise

A leaf falls From a canopy, Caught silhouetted in komorebi. Shivers Are a girls best friend, And death her lover at the end. While I waste away - Withdrawals decay - And emotive love My stowaway - Come to soldiers in a row, Who cut their throats in days last glow. Our dreams dissect -... Continue Reading →

Will find me

there is no life here- no intricacy- nor artistry- only wandering empty hours binding to afterlife- where I sway with death- dance beneath the abyss and rendered into end-


I am nought Wallflower of the abyss Waiting for that final Detached breath...

To start the day…

I vow To cut your dreams Into fragments of the heart You so easily take And shatter before you As though I am nothing As though all my love Was lost potential That I buried to be near you I loved and was rewarded With malice and hurt Just a faded being For you to... Continue Reading →


Her soul was tarnished Soft touch and anxiety Waif in teardrop dreams Placing ever in distilled Life promised to his longing.   © Phen Weston 2018  

Untitled 27th April 2018

There was nothing And no one Each echoed their own And none knew him Leaving bewilderment And carving misery Empty pathogens tracing sorrow Along blackened lines Until in tragedy alone He was gone from who he knows And dreams he dreamed Empty now Empty shell No boy Nor man Or living will Just empty To... Continue Reading →

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