I listen to the rain As it drums your name Against an empty pane And pain Reflects the world In stencils stretched Across arching street Light shimmer- winter seance In my head Plath Replays in detritus dreams But I am I am I am

Suicide and White Noise

A leaf falls From a canopy, Caught silhouetted in komorebi. Shivers Are a girls best friend, And death her lover at the end. While I waste away - Withdrawals decay - And emotive love My stowaway - Come to soldiers in a row, Who cut their throats in days last glow. Our dreams dissect -... Continue Reading →

An Unwelcomed Wight

♦ From my book 'Under the Rose' ♦ Each purpose in the first wept tears for existence that did not come. The rolling empty stomach of each untenanted syllable undone. Between the lonely water’s edge and prolonged forgotten shores, his heart knew only tournaments of thorns, degradation without cause. The lilies laughed below cold showers... Continue Reading →


Zombified, sleepless, numb You're the epitome of deceased In this living human carapace And I adore you with infinity To the eldritch reaches of nothing Held to my breast, insane devotion And damnation to unearthly hope Dark queen, my harbinger of chaos...


I crumble, and you catch me in grains of sand; to feel my soul, and life, slip between your fingers. And I? I slow my atoms to expiration, to help linger your beauty in ecstasy; seen through my hearts demise…


I traverse another night of us- not us- empty- except when your touch brings warmth- empty- except when your eyes radiate- until you're gone-


Can we stop having moments if they're only for my benefit, because this ache is a massacre ************************* Where's the words when all I breathe is empty? And you, steal me, when there was less than nothing left to sacrifice...

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