She aches addiction, While withering lives. Black neurosis, a trinket- Scrap petals and knives- To be played Until intrigue wavers And all the world drops dead. On her words, I made us Inside my head. Would Plath be proud Of deaf coveting instead? So many lives, I try to be in time, To be not... Continue Reading →



I am the wind swept Month of May in rigour. Even death was late for me And kept the breeze hanging Until thistle and bone Were only remembered melodies Upon my heart. The cello Cacophony of symmetry. I am the wind swept Forest, decaying in those summer Suns that etch through Rebellious thorns to strive... Continue Reading →


I listen to the rain As it drums your name Against an empty pane And pain Reflects the world In stencils stretched Across arching street Light shimmer- winter seance In my head Plath Replays in detritus dreams But I am I am I am


She flicked her hips and Jesus fell He came so hard Went straight to Hell And all the angels knew full well That with her caress God would follow I am predictable Because I have died again All for a scent Carnal knowledge And lingering self deprecation I want to split her hips and redefine... Continue Reading →

Suicide and White Noise

A leaf falls From a canopy, Caught silhouetted in komorebi. Shivers Are a girls best friend, And death her lover at the end. While I waste away - Withdrawals decay - And emotive love My stowaway - Come to soldiers in a row, Who cut their throats in days last glow. Our dreams dissect -... Continue Reading →

Talitha – Free Ebook/PDF

Hello Beautiful people! How are we all? So, I've been a little quiet lately, but I have been busy. New day job and other changes in my life have taken too much of my time at present. But such is life. I am still here and, although it may be sporadic, I will continue to... Continue Reading →

A Free Collection

Here is a free collection of some of my poems, all written through my ongoing battle with depression and anxiety. I hope you all enjoy and thank you for reading. Click here: Suicide Notes by Phen Weston


♦ From my book ‘Nothing But The Rain’ ♦ The Tao flows, Evolves, It's presence Into all things. It is all things And they are it. Without time It moves, minute To minute Lifetime to lifetime. I do not know the Tao, Or claim to. If I did, it would not be The Tao. The... Continue Reading →

Pretty Little Narcissist

“Oh, I am the victim,” He cried as he lit the match, fanned the blaze, too pretentious in his own heirdom to play any other game, but fatality. “Yeah man, like, your behaviour’s upsetting me. You betrayed our friendship circle” While stealing, lying and spreading vampiric disease through to any soul broken enough to believe... Continue Reading →

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