I listen to the rain As it drums your name Against an empty pane And pain Reflects the world In stencils stretched Across arching street Light shimmer- winter seance In my head Plath Replays in detritus dreams But I am I am I am


Suicide and White Noise

A leaf falls From a canopy, Caught silhouetted in komorebi. Shivers Are a girls best friend, And death her lover at the end. While I waste away - Withdrawals decay - And emotive love My stowaway - Come to soldiers in a row, Who cut their throats in days last glow. Our dreams dissect -... Continue Reading →


I will cut you from my heart Until my hands are thick in blood. Until your memory is buried deep Into the frozen ground My love now becomes. You are rot on my tongue And will be death in my words. Our epitaph will read: “No more, my darling, only betrayal and disease Live upon... Continue Reading →

A Free Collection

Here is a free collection of some of my poems, all written through my ongoing battle with depression and anxiety. I hope you all enjoy and thank you for reading. Click here: Suicide Notes by Phen Weston

An Unwelcomed Wight

♦ From my book 'Under the Rose' ♦ Each purpose in the first wept tears for existence that did not come. The rolling empty stomach of each untenanted syllable undone. Between the lonely water’s edge and prolonged forgotten shores, his heart knew only tournaments of thorns, degradation without cause. The lilies laughed below cold showers... Continue Reading →


Paragon, am I the fall of all that lies between calm inhalation? The vanished crone lay the world upon furloughs of silent phase and crowed all - the sustained diseases - picking apart delusion in aphotic credo. I am timorous proxy to those amongst the dead, existing between the gestation of weathered requiem. Haggard alarm... Continue Reading →

The Left Behind

I am unable to be seen. That is, in the sense that beings echo around me, see through me, disregard me. I fall near to the wind as it flurries against my edges - touching those that live intermingled - but it refuses to touch me. I am wraithlike, insensible, obscured. As though when blinked... Continue Reading →

Quae Nocent

"Bury all your secrets in my skin Come away with innocence and leave me with my sins" -Slipknot all my words suffocate with your crumbling heart- that which you gave me and I was too weak to understand- you were my masked savior- the angel meant to bring together all my fragments and place me... Continue Reading →

To start the day…

I vow To cut your dreams Into fragments of the heart You so easily take And shatter before you As though I am nothing As though all my love Was lost potential That I buried to be near you I loved and was rewarded With malice and hurt Just a faded being For you to... Continue Reading →

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