Hours wake and the dead don't talk, empty stakes in their wayward fault. Some days, beyond the post-mortem stray, where storms chase dragons and old crones decay, I search the world for more than you, but each new location only drew you nearer to those haunted hours, our littered dreams and those terminal flowers we... Continue Reading →

Shakespeare’s Nightmare

Shimmer with stillness beneath the moon, recondite dwam connects surreal collision, the genesis of dawn on reflective seance, gathering in circumstance, hopeful,    For a congealed reality to either thaw or further thicken the problems of first world dramaturgy in this laughable, yet course production, strewn across big rocks…    By Christopher Rupley and Phen... Continue Reading →

Nomad and Hearts

Shifted wings of solitude, hollow dreams only rust when emotions carry us to those isolated places, fought to be forgotten when sleep calls our name. We walked as outcasts obscured by destiny deep, we charmers that come and go, so low in the eyes of those that observed the passing of the dusk. An English... Continue Reading →


I Strain Against The  Memories,     Another Night Locked In Your  presence,     Were You There Between The Shadows?     Lingering, Patient, Worn.     Poem © Phen Weston 2015

Thoughts (on the 29th Aug 2014)

Isolation, I find myself between The nightmare abyss And the hues of truth, What peace comes within The lost perpetual walk, Holding back The spectres of all things That bring swift sorrow, Binding the bridges To the Nevermore divide, Little can be seen In such pitch falls When all I am is against Their twisted... Continue Reading →


Body clock, Tick tock, Denied, The sign reads "Open all hours" When ultimately It's the last thing You really want, Slowly time slows To unprecedented Prolonged measures, There's no rush For the sandman's dust, This night, Except, There is! So I Will Lay Here And wait... Wait, wait... Some more... Some more... MORE... Time consumed... Continue Reading →

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