Drawing Death 💀

I simply touch nothing Empty hearts and phantasm The snowflakes of winter Upon the grave where violinists lay Never to be heard again My strings do not sound In the abyss Only silence knows my heart


The prolix extended to centre winds that blew, forming fusion intent to allocate the emptiness, succumbed, that grew, new reflections journeyed wherever strangers, suspended, threw your memory, and I can’t breathe this stale air. On dark mountains we walked paths lit by moonlights lies and romantic twists. Travelled softly, in quieter times, to swim in... Continue Reading →

I Die

To never see your face again Or feel your soul warm the night Is my drowning pool. Soft pit, harsh pendulum, The hours swing and I decay, In life, waiting for quietus. The only way to feel your breath That was never mine to share.


Little girl lost in snow her heart filled with boundless woe We came together, by the see only her bleak soul and me She held me close, my astral bride and together, there, we both died Little girl lost in winter am I just another splinter? We came together, we loved apart she was the... Continue Reading →


You disdainfully whisper, "time is a lie!", when nothing holds against such empty skies. I found naught in you that was ever mine and those lonely days began such a decline. To what was never there, and never will, as you were never ours, just empty still photographs that may well never have been, draped... Continue Reading →

Ingénue Paramour

I watched her from afar, the intricate melody that bore soul and rhythm into listless hours remixed by shortened susurrus reminders of dramas to be the centre of deep affections. She flickered in light, ephemeral to the touch, yet more radiant than a thousand suns lingering in clear nights and black penumbras promises, I fell... Continue Reading →

A Song Of Whispered Hours

Those faint wind-swept melodies skim the surface of aspiration’s pond. Winter Centurions, drowsy in long wait for the warmth of forgotten ancient bonds, mimic the fly away ends of life’s equilibrium. Quietus and cursory as the fall of Rome, Did you consider the lives you left behind? Each ‘you’ on rocky footing, weighed with age,... Continue Reading →


I am nought Wallflower of the abyss Waiting for that final Detached breath...

Untitled 27th April 2018

There was nothing And no one Each echoed their own And none knew him Leaving bewilderment And carving misery Empty pathogens tracing sorrow Along blackened lines Until in tragedy alone He was gone from who he knows And dreams he dreamed Empty now Empty shell No boy Nor man Or living will Just empty To... Continue Reading →

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