Katauta 28/07/2018

They turn between stars As though songbirds in adore Lost souls floating together

A Winters Tale (A Katauta Challenge?)

*Although I write many Katauta poems (a traditional form of Waka), none of them are really complete. Traditionally Katauta's are one half of an exchange between poets, friends, family, lovers. A melding of minds, beauty, ideas and form... So, if anyone would like, below is one that I have just written... I would be honoured for... Continue Reading →

Katauta from Antwerp!

(The internet in the hotel is like my mind usually is (somewhere else), so I haven't been able to catch up with the awesome comments from you all. I hope you're all well though and taking care! Here's a quick Katuata before the internet vanishes again) Miles walked and blisters, Belgium beer goes down smooth,... Continue Reading →

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