To A Cricket

I'd never wish death upon a soul, Even demons with serrated kiss Could not endure such fractured bliss, But you, my friend, with rubbing wings Are the epitome of their dark stings! Through water torture I'd gladly sit Or iron maidens made to fit. Yet you, my friend, bastardise pain, And each echo devours refrain,... Continue Reading →

Great Words: Bedlam

New week, new word. This week I wanted to explore a word that was well know in England for hundreds of years, although maybe not so much these days. A word that, for centuries, conveyed horror and fear into the minds of all who heard it. It has an interesting, rich history that invokes so... Continue Reading →

Negotiations With Depression

Switch blade smiles Mask my broken heart As we march through destiny, Cold heat fuels lust, Turn to dust, been before? Seen through extremities, Private dreams of mackerels Wish for vegetarian lives, Peace of mind feeds the hungry, What's the point In writin' the cures, When readin' make the disease? I am the disease I... Continue Reading →

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