Concrete Plastic Memory

♦ From my book ‘Nothing But The Rain’ ♦ "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." - Albert Einstein He moved into obscurity, Beyond tempered realities Of sequestered life, How were places forgotten? A wild public domain Hidden away between Impossible possibilities, Beyond buoyancy of mind, How he got here, You... Continue Reading →


De Temps En Temps*

She fabricated the reach of evermore to sustain sweet dalliances, where stardust interchanged between the sheets of galaxies. Who could foresee celestial ardour when allure and mystique cocooned divine re-emergence? Reawakening the beating drum of all to come – her lips, her stare, her touch, her soul  – A sacred offering and devoted fragrance provided... Continue Reading →

Sleep Grimalkin (Revisited, 3rd July 2015)

♦ From my book ‘Nothing But The Rain’ ♦ Grimalkin sulked and snuck, Matted fur, feverish night, The witching hour lay insight, Mistress soon would raise her head, She baited the mouse, slithered, Waiting to pounce and devour, Only four teeth remained, But still enough to snap bone, She purred playfully to herself, The stench... Continue Reading →


I crumble, and you catch me in grains of sand; to feel my soul, and life, slip between your fingers. And I? I slow my atoms to expiration, to help linger your beauty in ecstasy; seen through my hearts demise…


-For Talitha-   Phantoms- bind my soul to leaves that fall- gentle life that hides between shadows- laps the shore with golden hues and never ask for more than to hold me in her arms- simplicity’s kiss- how I’d lost the hope of her- funerary- we fall in love- touched in snow filled hopes and... Continue Reading →

Untitled, 8th Nov ‘17

‪Your lies, a crypt,‬ ‪and now love is grave‬ ‪where I forgo our barrow‬ ‪with egregious mistake.‬ ‪Temper sent to reminisce,‬ ‪of all those days we danced-‬ ‪and I never grasped‬ ‪your verse in mourn- in death‬ ‪we call to each other:‬ ‪"Name me forgotten, tryst to night.‬ ‪I was never yours at all."‬


She parts waves with breath that saturates those hidden days. Colours binding, blinding coquetry, drawing the darkness in. Tourniquet and tenderness juxtaposed by her raw wilderness. If she saw her collected beauty, that raptures soul in sapphire fantasies, she would shy in inhabited silhouette. But I see... see past the twilight she hides between. Penumbra... Continue Reading →

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