Remember me when faded illumination transcends my name- Remarks are heard with beating silence and I am born on tranquil starlight- Poem © Phen Weston 2014


water fell from cut down hearts, chopped down delirium of naked starts, hewed hopes and empty hallucinations where we demolish torn down stations, and all the dead sycamores lined in a row, were promised deep roots to bestow their wildest introvert lullabies upon storm clouds of reticent skies, and from the canopy, each hacked down... Continue Reading →

Angels Of Trance and Tendency

A seraph clutches you to ecstasy, Above my night, above the tears, Equilibrium impenetrable by tendency, Rumours beat the fields for fears, What anticipations came with the changed? Ritualistic significance to shy away from, Beneath the streets, beneath the estranged Flagellation of time’s nocturnal rule of thumb, Will we stroll in hearts of shadow? Hollering... Continue Reading →

Promenade through Death

  Her willing belief, lost between the falling shards of patterned potential, wrapping mannerisms, spaced between the brew building beneath the aching bones once more, the house was her empty vessel lacking the past between and entwined, with all the lasting, shifting, dreams that herald kingdoms to the dusks, of Neither, and Nor, the spiralling... Continue Reading →

To O.M., An Absent Friend

In all the old familiar places The talking heads Cast shadows on Reflective memories And misplaced faces. I hope it could be you, But, do you wonder What life could have seen To carve your name In that saccharine sorrow? Between realities Became your only place. When did your world fade To nothing other than... Continue Reading →

Tanka 18/10/2014

Senses swim the brook, Lapping at the banks of time As relative as Life's kindness to endless hearts, Will I see you there once more? © Phen Weston 2014

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