In your eyes

To J • In your eyes I saw the burning passion of a thousand years,Of love that swept the land with fond spring ariasAnd tingledwith raindrop touch,dancing upon our skin, As I walked to you,the world becomes a place I want to belong to again.Those long winters gone and, in your arms, I tracea lifetime... Continue Reading →

De Temps En Temps*

She fabricated the reach of evermore to sustain sweet dalliances, where stardust interchanged between the sheets of galaxies. Who could foresee celestial ardour when allure and mystique cocooned divine re-emergence? Reawakening the beating drum of all to come – her lips, her stare, her touch, her soul  – A sacred offering and devoted fragrance provided... Continue Reading →

Sleep Grimalkin (Revisited, 3rd July 2015)

♦ From my book ‘Nothing But The Rain’ ♦ Grimalkin sulked and snuck, Matted fur, feverish night, The witching hour lay insight, Mistress soon would raise her head, She baited the mouse, slithered, Waiting to pounce and devour, Only four teeth remained, But still enough to snap bone, She purred playfully to herself, The stench... Continue Reading →


She parts waves with breath that saturates those hidden days. Colours binding, blinding coquetry, drawing the darkness in. Tourniquet and tenderness juxtaposed by her raw wilderness. If she saw her collected beauty, that raptures soul in sapphire fantasies, she would shy in inhabited silhouette. But I see... see past the twilight she hides between. Penumbra... Continue Reading →

Soul in a Wallet

♦ From my book 'Nothing But The Rain' ♦ I keep your soul In my ageing wallet, A faded photograph Of a Paris affiance, Dated train tickets To love’s journey’s past, Pebbles and sharks’ teeth, Perforated thoughts, A menagerie of receipts Not for returns, but reminders, I keep your soul In my ageing wallet, The... Continue Reading →

Promenade through Death

  Her willing belief, lost between the falling shards of patterned potential, wrapping mannerisms, spaced between the brew building beneath the aching bones once more, the house was her empty vessel lacking the past between and entwined, with all the lasting, shifting, dreams that herald kingdoms to the dusks, of Neither, and Nor, the spiralling... Continue Reading →

You Are the Silent Ocean

"Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness." - Marianne Williamson    Swim off happier shores, I see no words for you to starve with agonising emotions held, I am the prisoner you... Continue Reading →


What time do we find Between sentiment? Intransigent, heartfelt, Translucent melodies That holds the residue Of forgotten dreams, The tranquil vehemence Of emitted profusion Between the eau de Nil trees Of yesteryear, The wicker woman sits In golden luminescence, Recollecting faint folklore, Her heart gusts on Against those antique winds, To plant seeds anew Against... Continue Reading →

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