Kozo Paper Home

Winds scurry between Rafters hold the family Kozo paper home Dowse me in transience There were candles blistering Reflecting romance Form is her dancing Wildfowl fill the dawning skies Ruby Tuesday hums Taxidermy hopes Flitter as breath on the wind We belong to cats Proposed to hours as lovers The bee sting always lingers ©... Continue Reading →


The Victorian Portrait Company

♦ From my book 'Nothing But The Rain' ♦ We hang our shame on the wall For the world to thoughtfully dissect, A distorted family masterpiece of ill will, Bitterness and venom coloured sepia, Is this post-mortem photography? A thousand autumns of disrelished taboo? Each moment fractured, fragmented, Arranged epoch, Frozen forever, But this is... Continue Reading →

Jay, A lizard by any other name.

*Not one of my best, I think, but I needed to vent over the loss of a true friend. It's always amazing how much animals/pets can impact your world*     R.I.P Jay, the bearded dragon!    My heart shattered at your lost soul, the empty shell still holds your smile, but there is no... Continue Reading →

A Goodbye to N.

How can I say goodbye To you each time Her whim's denied, Inside a part of me dies Again, again, again, Too cowardly afraid To let you walk away, Wishing that somehow I could make you stay, Just another single day, There has to be a way! Reasons I cannot see, I give my heart... Continue Reading →

To My Daughter

You shine through everything You do and are, I don’t get how and Part of me never wants too Would it ruin your secret if I did? I imagine there would be so much more Hidden under the surface How do you do the things That seem so natural to you But so strange to... Continue Reading →

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