Her Seppuku

♦ From my book 'Nothing But The Rain' ♦ The bamboo wife Saw The melancholy man With tombstones In his eyes, White ritual And grey whispers Soon bloomed, Turning to clouds, Soaking the earth, Splinters Ran down her cheeks, Ligneous Tears of tragedy, Jagged and ripe, Regrets demeanour Could not stand Between their worlds, Tormented,... Continue Reading →

Coda (Revisited, 7th February 2016)

I think I know my embrace finale– the last notes of my symphony– resolution to the culmination– not as a romantic– nor modernist– whose curtains fell for synonym painted movements beyond their veils– no public epilogue for this poet– but as human as the tears that fall between the lilies of runaway dreams– scythe and... Continue Reading →

Recordor Mortis Nostrae

  Remember that I had to die, That endless days don't fill the sky, Where silken memories fall Against the pillars we built up high. Devotion killed our sins, Blanketed the hate within That built our walls in darker nights, And sent us on follies flight. Remember that you once lived, That fondness placed her... Continue Reading →

Falling Through

I set the world on fire, Waste and fate, Depraved mutations, The sky lit, Engulfed, We danced Like the dead, But who said These days were final Confrontations, Results demeaned Satisfaction with hearts Crucially afloat, How much does life define? It's hard living, Nothing more, Commitment Chooses survival Of the fittest, Of life, Uninhabitable, Misery... Continue Reading →

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