Hours wake and the dead don't talk, empty stakes in their wayward fault. Some days, beyond the post-mortem stray, where storms chase dragons and old crones decay, I search the world for more than you, but each new location only drew you nearer to those haunted hours, our littered dreams and those terminal flowers we... Continue Reading →


Trapped in a Self-made Cage

I think I was more afraid of letting go than I was of you of taking hold than of the words you drew from my empty pockets in my lament and thoughts that stew on empty spaces where I could never make it through to any life that wasn’t pinched like endless lines of our... Continue Reading →

A Frozen Morning

Golden radius blends the azure skies in harmonious quiet resonance, surrounded by frozen fields that hide the brimming life of crystallised distance and tender minds. We walk along the twisting river bank as unclothed hands tingle with the anticipation of each other loving touch, graceful instigation. A winter’s tale of life as clear as water,... Continue Reading →

De Temps En Temps*

She fabricated the reach of evermore to sustain sweet dalliances, where stardust interchanged between the sheets of galaxies. Who could foresee celestial ardour when allure and mystique cocooned divine re-emergence? Reawakening the beating drum of all to come – her lips, her stare, her touch, her soul  – A sacred offering and devoted fragrance provided... Continue Reading →

The Bird

Did you glide above lost stars or tumble amongst the sycamores? “I am wings,” you sang, “adorned in finery, bird of kings.” Fearful of grounded dreams that lock you to twilight streams. “They are held untrue to nature,” you whisper “There are no roads in the cobalt blue. They are for the lonely - you.”... Continue Reading →


I am valiant to the dreams of my being. Drunk on vulnerability that keep me grounded, yet play back and forth within shifting skies. I am valiant, Ethnarch of my own existence. But does that evince the shroud of misanthropy? Or leave me craving more than reality...


sometimes i crumble- likened to my thoughts- divergence comes as a daily plea- auscultation of mind over reality- I stare into the abyss- dimensions wrought with ricketed union and consumed with bliss that staples cognition to dalliance- i live- aquiver in her arms- wondering if she is harm or nurture and only feeling her ineffable... Continue Reading →

“This outcast whom nobody wants”

Scaffolding clasps my heart. This shattered chi isn’t made of metal, wood, nor starch, but dreams that cannot weather further begrimed diurnal gales– and I have no more tears. If I placed a promise upon your lips would you know who I am? As much as any being can grasp and perish your anagram. Days... Continue Reading →

To forget the snow

She wore desert sands Against naked infinity To remind her of betrayal And waterfalls just Seemed too thin When pressed against Prison walls Neither could remember The twist of old limbs And smell of earthly blues Tunes forgotten When played in prose And rain would rather gather At the feet of yesterday anyway

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