The prolix extended to centre winds that blew, forming fusion intent to allocate the emptiness, succumbed, that grew, new reflections journeyed wherever strangers, suspended, threw your memory, and I can’t breathe this stale air. On dark mountains we walked paths lit by moonlights lies and romantic twists. Travelled softly, in quieter times, to swim in... Continue Reading →


Untitled 27th April 2018

There was nothing And no one Each echoed their own And none knew him Leaving bewilderment And carving misery Empty pathogens tracing sorrow Along blackened lines Until in tragedy alone He was gone from who he knows And dreams he dreamed Empty now Empty shell No boy Nor man Or living will Just empty To... Continue Reading →

To W.

♦ From my book 'Nothing But The Rain' ♦ Tentative nurturer, Your strength resounds In life given from heart, In wisdom taught prolifically And daringly blessed upon The newfound soul, Goddess supremely loved, With deep flowing rivers Of warming replenishment, How can I define in words The life you so freely Give to me with... Continue Reading →

Promenade through Death

  Her willing belief, lost between the falling shards of patterned potential, wrapping mannerisms, spaced between the brew building beneath the aching bones once more, the house was her empty vessel lacking the past between and entwined, with all the lasting, shifting, dreams that herald kingdoms to the dusks, of Neither, and Nor, the spiralling... Continue Reading →

Winds Of Fable (Revisited, 1st September 2015)

Cherry blossoms in the sky Deny the laws of opposition, Attracted to the lawless wind They leave the rift stolen, Phantasmagoria of solitude, Lost ghosts of misconceptions Can see such petals beneath Their sweet lucid devotions, But you transcend yearning days Upon mists and lucent vapour, Holding illusion to vivid sight, Cacophony of sweet amusement,... Continue Reading →

Untitled, 13th July 2015

Lapsed memory fled to empty hazel fields where animation waits to cultivate in corporal nature, existing between dreams, I was the hope to love laid bare by the eyes of man to wander in dust anew, chestnut stagecraft becomes the hours lingered for few, requisite for surrendering to the nebulous grandeur of emotion, in those... Continue Reading →

Filling Space (An Excerpt)

(Hello all. I hope you're well. Here is something a little different for you. It is part of something much larger and in progress. Please let me know what you think. Take Care, P.) ********************************************** Long hours turn today into dust and bones. A naked re-imagining of classic narcotic lust. I was addicted to little... Continue Reading →

A Winters Tale (A Katauta Challenge?)

*Although I write many Katauta poems (a traditional form of Waka), none of them are really complete. Traditionally Katauta's are one half of an exchange between poets, friends, family, lovers. A melding of minds, beauty, ideas and form... So, if anyone would like, below is one that I have just written... I would be honoured for... Continue Reading →

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