Untitled 5th Oct 2014

We collided when we first met from reverence for those whom dreamt us into existence. Calling each other out with miscarried titles and self-doubting wit, like lions parading for dominance. Little did we know the caustic singular narrative they would take from our affirmations and anxieties. Did you see the blueprints laid bare? Carried out in... Continue Reading →


Great Words: Bedlam

New week, new word. This week I wanted to explore a word that was well know in England for hundreds of years, although maybe not so much these days. A word that, for centuries, conveyed horror and fear into the minds of all who heard it. It has an interesting, rich history that invokes so... Continue Reading →

Great Word: Sisipyean

Here is my word for you while I'm away. I think it is a brilliant word, so descriptive and meaningful. It has such a rich history and conjures such powerful ancient images. Plus, we all have tasks that sometimes feel this way. Take care everyone, and it look forward to catching up with your blogs... Continue Reading →

Epigraph: Do’s and don’ts?

This is actually more of a question than anything, but does anyone know exactly what you can or cannot do when it comes to epigraphs? What counts as 'fair use' and what doesn't? The reason I ask is because I like to use these and my current manuscript does contain several quotes. The internet, as... Continue Reading →

Cover Design

Hello Peeps,I hope your weekend is going well.So I've been working on publishing my first book of poetry and (so far) it is going well. Just need to get it proof read and finalize a few things and then its all ready to go. I've attached a draft cover and wanted opinions.Let me know what... Continue Reading →

Great Words: Vagary

Hello my friends. I hope your week is going well. This weeks great word comes courtesy of my beautiful fiancé. It is a wonderful word. Simple and meaningful. I absolutely love the second meaning. So, I hope you enjoy, take, use, explore. Next weeks word is beautiful... Or that could just be me. Take care... Continue Reading →

Thomas – A Travelling Poem

Today I found out that a family friend, while travelling through France, went to Epehy Wood Farm Cemetery and placed a rose, a cross and a copy of my poem Thomas on his grave. I am deeply honoured by this and so very happy. My family have not had the chance to visit my uncles... Continue Reading →

Great Words: Incongruous

it's been a busy, fun week so far and because of this I haven't had as much time as I'd like to find a great word for us. But in my travels I have come across this. You may or may not already know it, but here we go. Use, explore, enjoy. Incongruous Meaning 1.... Continue Reading →

Unknown (Quote of the Week)

"After my first love. I built this suit of armor, so strong, so invulnerable. I came across you. Slowly my guard was let down. So vulnerable to pain and despair. A love so perfect, so beautiful, was the double edged sword. One side so sweet. So dull of worry. So full of love. The other... Continue Reading →

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