Untitled, 28th Dec ‘18 by Phen Weston

Forgot to share this one with you all! Please go check out Night Forest Poetry. Maybe send them a submission?

Night Forest Cell of Radical Poets

I once ate the world!

Wrapped around its roots

And bled upon dead forest floors.

For what?

In words I am the limited,

Devoid of empathy. Standing

Rage that carves through rock

Wind, rain and hours

To be ignited like marsh gas.

Burned out.

There were days

When I was limb and night.

Aches and cause,

The blistering unity

Of sinful contented beauty.

But now the world burns out.

I watch.

I watch rage and greed

Simmer within the houses of men.

I watch with such regularity

Strings pulled

And played with unflinching depravity

That I wish, sometimes,

The world would burn a little faster.

I watch oceans fill with artificial fallacies

And habitats drown in steal

And anger,

and I scream

With wild unbroken power…

Her heart beats

Like forest fire,

And in our ashes renews without us.

In our deaths, lives in harmonious stolen


Outside the pages…

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