Update On Journal 

Update on the Night Forest Poetry journal.

Night Forest Cell of Radical Poets

Living in this space is weird. 

Caught between the machine and the forest, falling into a schism whose abyss is deafeningly silent – here we are. 

The words we have received for the journal are beautiful and we are thankful for those who have sought to be part of the Night Forest Cell Of Radical Poets for joining this project.

That the internet exists is ugly and not something we celebrate – but through this weapon of our enemy we have reached further than we ever expected. Across winds, oceans and land, the journal has entries from 5 continents. 

There are still decisions to be made and work to be before the collection will be published, but we are now no longer accepting entries for the journal – all submissions sent now will only be considered for the site. 
Love, rage 

And fire

Feral desire

In this iconoclastic space 

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