She parts waves with breath

that saturates those hidden days.

Colours binding, blinding coquetry,

drawing the darkness in.

Tourniquet and tenderness

juxtaposed by her raw wilderness.

If she saw her collected beauty,

that raptures soul in sapphire fantasies,

she would shy in inhabited silhouette.

But I see… see past the twilight

she hides between. Penumbra

placed, and traced, against her skin

that marks her self-doubt with jinn

like possibility – forsaken to her mind –

But I… I see azure in her swirling shores,

immense and immeasurable elegance

that drapes against the nights rapport

and opens promises to tribulations and allure,

and know the world could not be more

because in her eyes the universe spins

and sits upon a pinhead, with wings

that touch the sun. Icarus may fail,

but in her warmth existence blooms

and supernovas scream of her essence!

She is Gaia, goddess, celestial light,

and existence gazes upon her, waiting 

to weave her unbounded story 

out of endless night…


Poem © Phen Weston 2017

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