Dancing thoughts played parallels
Against the backdrop of nightly air.
“Repeat after me”, she swooned in dream,
Keeping her distance from the present,
Never touching more than gods hands.
Essence amalgamated into her divinity,
Sorrow followed with those lonely eyes
Sorrow held her hearts reply closely to his.

Was love to become the lost highway?
Another stop off for forgotten souls?
“Remember me”, she cried into nothingness.
My heart fractured, I would never do anything but
Torment myself with her fragmented memories.
Honouring her unwanted hold over me.


Poem © Phen Weston, 22nd October 2014.


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      1. Ohh, thats odd 🙂 i hope they find that for which they search 🙂 its interesting how moods/themes seem to reflect in several blogs across the world on the same day.

      2. There is a software that looks at all internet post’s and gives overall emotions, on average. I saw it on TED Talk by Jonathan Harris. You might want to check it out. Very interesting piece of software. Like I said before, blog’s I’m following (not related to yours) would write on the same subject. It might be that most of the internet users come from west or east coast, so whatever happening there, weather, crime, economy, etc. might reflect people moods.

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