We Look Before and After…

Two lives- and I divide
you by no spires- pictures
and videos of those before
convert to rumours- another animation-
spurious- you exist inside spring-
wrapped in lilac and gliding with petrels-
flying far from home- and what is
home- not my heart in another soul-
but pressed against your bosom
to rediscover those ancient ghosts-
empty hosts- long lost boasts-
not when eyes reach across
those blank and empty skies-
forces sink and periscopes pledge
the earth beneath your feet-
those feet that stood in scorpion pits-
pitting the emptiness of the past
with oaths that nothing comes- nor lasts-
and I know that nothing bestows
to us dreams of each other’s throes-
I pressed you into my heart-
but knew those edged songs
were not pressed into your eyes-
I watched alone-
future memories all ready to deform-
where love becomes unknown-
agent provocateur and storm-


Poem © Phen Weston 2017


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