One Foot Forward…

So wonderful world of WordPress, I’d like you to meet Helen. Helen started a journey the same time I did. Several years ago (although we didn’t know each other at the start) we returned to education as “mature” students to the same college, and have been on our own adventures ever since. Helen is a beautiful person who is starting another journey and has chosen to blog about her experiences. I think it will become a very interesting read, full of wonder and inspiration! So please give her a follow!


One foot forward…

I had a teeny thought in my head over the past few months that turned into a kind of ‘epiphany’ on Friday…followed by much angst and general vomiting (my subconscious is now calmed thanks to a session with James at Incremental Training and a cuppa with my neighbour, Mia)

Actually, I’d probably better go back a little bit as this is my first blog post and you have no idea who I am (I’ll come back to that).

I am Helen; a Wise Hippo birthing instructor, massage therapist, soon to be paper recognized Doula and general advocate of all things women…particularly the birthing ones! I have to say this has been a pretty wiggly path for me, post childhood home, post four beautiful children, post long marriage, I am finally set on a path on which I feel truth, familiarity and passion. It has been a slow process…

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