The Cat Has Nothing To do With It

By Phen Weston and Willow Stancombe
10th July 2016

“Meow, went the cat,”
Silence filled the empty
Spaces between bone walls,
Subtle confusion engaged
The senses when placed
On the sacred spot,

I look at you, elegance
Cosmically claims the pages
Of the world we write,
“The cat has nothing
To do with it” softly said,

“Softly said by whom”
He asked, laughter entwined
Her puzzled stance,
Kissed promises placed
Within our beguiling kingdom,
“I don’t get your wording”

She may not get the disordered
Whirl of words that only
Make sense within my head,
But the love flows through
Our finger tips, touching
Wordless tenderness without,

Light surrounds her beauty,
And life fulfils her promises,
Wide eyed universe reflects
Foretold hopes between us,
Rippled effects send neither
Future nor long forgotten past
Crumbling to the floor.

“Seriously! The cat has nothing
To do with this…!”

(This is a collaborative poem with the beautiful and talented Willow Stancombe. She doesn’t have a blog, but she should… She won’t listen to me though!… Update: She now has a blog and can be found here:… Only took 2 years!)

© Phen Weston 2014 & © Willow Stancombe 2014


8 thoughts on “The Cat Has Nothing To do With It

Add yours

    1. I thought it had everything to do with the cat, but Willow says otherwise. The cat herself would say she has everything to do with everything, but she’s a bit of a diva. As you can probably tell from the photo.

    1. Thank you, it was all thanks to my partner, who won’t admit she has talent, but I will XD Cats are great. We have 4. Including the one in the photograph who is obsessed with paper bags 🙂

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