My Penumbra Illustration

I remember your shadow- those faded lines
between the cracking clouds above- strained
in hues of solitude- a simple kiss- against
the night we forced among the stars- locked
into places fashioned from old snapshots- we
were exposed to the calling of lost skies- empty
birds in whirlwind frames- transparency
for her longed requested kiss- bliss bombarded
from soft voice to bromide- another element-
saplings washed ashore as driftwood becomes
sentiment of time and again- there were lines
in your shadows I remembered and placed
as waters come and go- the shore- the cause
I believed in- you ’til the end of colour-
shadows of those times we smiled- study us-
like those impressions of the night- lights
depiction of abstraction- calling to the wind-
and I question- again- your hold of smoke-
the nocturnal precipice on which I stand
for shadows and dancing against the storm-
and if I fall- would you be there- calling
to sweet absolution- as each nightly show
crisscross solatium- and in the smoke I wait
for all you tears to turn my shifting way-


Poem © Phen Weston 2016


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