If I could paint words across the universe
it’s shape would resemble your body- amour fou-
dreams of placing sleep between those
harlequin impressions of virtue- in your eyes
I’d dive to find Atlantis between broken depths-
still and silent- a philosophy
to the sinless- she splinters- fragments
of frozen stars that fall against the shores
of those days we passed by on our way
to atoms that become meaningful when
the voices of your teacher surfaces- the master
to be human- draped through form
as starlight against the naked air- the romanced-
were you thinking of me- as I do you-
I crave and thirst- and collapse with
ferocious lust to fill the skies with those words
I’d write from breast- to hip- to thigh- with contours
that yearn to feel the silhouette of us-
call to me and I’ll place innocence
upon a shelf to gather dust- for you-

But if these weren’t lies- I’d be more the trespasser
to falsehoods- and that would lie- to themselves- I
am my own fool for you- reckless with
those hearts that outpour- to be felt- and I’d fall
through the universe for just one beat-

Poem © Phen Weston, 2016.


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