Quid pro quo- what do you
wish for- as their innocence cascades
through air in morning light-
pressed between the covers
of starlit desires- and those
questions marked- and masquerade-
sorted from the promises
to stand- a good man- and I
am pressed- and I never assume-
and there was never
A truth that hurtled through
havens on its wayward dream- isolated
in engraved streams of- what if-
what could have been- played
and play- of chemistry- am I
possessed by sleeping fortitude-
quid pro quo- something for
the way her eyes- I’ve never seen- burn
into a fleshy naked soul- wrists gripped
and tightened to the moon- my heart beats
as her name appears again-
written in a lasting embodiment-
the emancipated- crawling on-
and I never knew the heart
to play it safe- much more
than each passing day- I locked
and all the world span through her-
pressing against the darkness- I-
withdrawal- as innocence cascades
to seeds amongst green fields-
pressed between the starlit night-
quid pro quo- are you
the fallen I’ve searched forever for-

Poem © Phen Weston, 2016.
Photograph © Becky Shapland, 2016.


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