I Stitched Together a Suit

I stitched together a suit,
made from me
and made from you.
Your desires and needs.
My lies, trying to please
the remnants of what?
The pacified being
you turned me in too.
Holding on to those
moments when
we loved like love
is supposed to be.
Not the tattered, tainted,
mess we only now see,
where’s our happiness?
The hours of heartaches
outweigh the good.
Somehow I feel
you always knew it would.
Did you ever try?
Were we anything
other than high
on what we thought
this could have been?
Our outside mimics
what we turn each
other deviously into,
ravaging and obscene,
standing on the edge
of desperations ravine.

I stitched together a suit,
made from me
and made from you.
A perfect representation
of the grotesque mask
that sits so proudly
on your surreal head.
Together we flamboyantly
waltz to our freakish tune.
Are we finally ready for
our masquerade ball?


Poem © 2014, Phen Weston.


2 thoughts on “I Stitched Together a Suit

Add yours

  1. Those opening lines are wonderful and dark. I saw it as having a lighter note to it before I read the rest. I like how this one seems to be literally written as if “stitched together”, slowly forming into the whole of what it is at the end. And, I particularly love this line: “We loved like love”

    1. Thank you very much. It turned out a little darker than I realised when writing it. I’m glad it seems “stitched together” XD that’s how it seemed at the time.

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