I’ve made mistakes. Flaked and chipped away at odds and stakes. Line by line. Symmetry by sympathy. And what more is there? What little lies can I tell that could hide the pain? Distinct and feigned, corrupt and weighed. An ounce of flesh would ripen in such heat. Flavouring the carcinogenic philosophies in my heart. Calculated misgivings that never seem to be forgiven by those who always demands nothing less from others. Forgiveness is a blessing that pricks the finger of deceit. To your face they love your very breath, behind your back they would quickly replace the air you intake if chance came rolling by. And I lied, and cheated, and hurt… I hurt beyond fanciful words, etched memories that cannot come across the wind with centuries of sorrow. The ice forms kingdoms of desire and life, lifting up the precious precursor to another fallen lament. In the shadows I see her staring back. Those black evoked ramparts of castles that crumble before dawn. I walk them alone now, each empty hall, each echoing parapet. Only seeing ghosts of yesterday. That living end to memories left behind. Will you find me there today? Through smoke and haze, to grieve once more for loves lost days…

© Phen Weston 2015


9 thoughts on “Lamented

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  1. Well written, my friend. I always learn so many new words when I read your works. And as someone who takes pride in my vocabulary, you always remind me that I’m teachable, which is something I never hope to lose. Thank you for that 🙂

    1. Thank you. I always love to learn and adapt, I constantly try to find new words to play around with. I have to admit, I’m always learning from you too. Since our first poem together.

  2. So much greatness is one place. Very hard to achieve. Love this line: “Flavouring the carcinogenic philosophies in my heart.” And how you link together interesting words.

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