Opening Buds of Spring

Can you see me- floating among
those star fuelled dreams- stripped
back to atoms across the night
sky in iridescent tones- of nimble highs-
I am denied- by the blanket of regret-
subtlety differentiates those hours
I threw to the wolf child- her jaws
tearing at flesh as though overpowered
by those faraway journeys
through the cosmos- I held you-
to my eternity like raising a mountain-
each step through such stalwart terrain-
which I planted with my own hands-
could do little to stop the ascent
to those heavenly lives- you are the grace
that I falter at each day- not enough
of me could say how I failed you- but I know
there is no life I would not give
to stand within your tenderness-
she who is birthed in my every thought-
the calling universe under our fall
shatters in those chiasmic songs-
“Never let a fool kiss you
or a kiss fool you”-
your voice in all the stars- the atoms
that lace my heart to my soul-
I am nothing- but the final dream
within the chambers of lost promise-
waiting through aeons
for your way home-


Poem © Phen Weston 2016


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