Brilliance blossomed amongst heavenly forests

Of thoughts that take us to converged desires,

The simple sonnets that shape public passion,

We looked back through trees that mask

The storms of everyday deliverance, doomed

By loves lingering whisps to shackled portraits,

Absence of absolution transferred the fickle

Between the frenzy of forevers grazed paradise,

The sun shone, in figments we held point

From those fallen branches that twist and snap

As roots rip from the poignancy of tomorrow,

Lies come and go, between the falling leaves

That turn to grey conviction and mastery golden,

Each new fiction she stole from hollow air,

The times of those whirling lives that never manifest,

How could their be anything between such sheets?

Nimble nimbus, promising the world to each heart

She tore from the grasps of natures tender age,

Devouring harpy, claiming innocence over truth,

Thinking her pain was all that sustained the world,

Ignoring the souls of all in her path, clashed chaos,

Their brotherhood stood no tests, that sprint or spirit

Through cold winter streets, to become thieves of night,

She claimed them all in wake, and watchful denial

Of the traits and tribulations of another cause,

Whispering, “lose your sight for sweet seduction,”

Nothing new on this, Eden’s paths, crass lashes

Of bemused pity, the pitfalls of belief in love,

What could there be in sleepless streams?

Contact forms the fractured deceptions of her touch,

Broken bones forced from unhallowed gatherings,

The first morphs of blood and gold, carcass,

All her word would ever be, the sickening cache

Of leprose emotions that stole grace,

Captured promise and spewed resentment,

Love lost all meaning and hearts bled nebulas

Of what could have been, all that ever was… 

Poem © Phen Weston 2015

7 thoughts on “Forfeit

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  1. Wow, the poem had beautiful, strong language. Made me glad I started following you. They’re all good, but this has great verbal flow and concept.

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