Mood Swings and Greek Myths

Your moods are as changeable
as the eye of the Graeae,
who, like grotesque harpies,
snatch at every crumb they can.
I, the agitator, the instigator,
the unwilling agent provocateur,
who gains this exalted statues
by doing what damning crime
to conjure the turbulent,
unfortunate, wrath of Zeus?
By doing… Exactly… nothing!
Sometimes simply breathing,
that one uncontrollably
perfectly controlled act of human life,
is all it takes to bring out
the Medusa in your otherwise
sweet and perfect demeanour.
Hissing and venomous gargoyle.
Inside through known unease
I quickly and completely turn to stone.
There is no strength of Perseus
in these wilting veins.
Fires erupt in the darkness
of your eyes and heart.
Once more the Minotaur
stalks your labyrinthine
emotions; and not even Theseus,
with the fabled Sword of Aegeus,
could slay the beast shadowing
within your deep and twisting rage.
So without the strength and courage
of immortally legendary heroes,
touched with the protection
of their omnipotent gods,
what hope do I have?
I am your unwilling Icarus,
my wings hopelessly dissolving
in the burning furry of your sun.

© Phen Weston 2014

(12th April 2014)


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