By the lake (A moment in time | Short Story)

(A short story – Maybe it’s pointless, maybe not. This is all there is though. Just a snippet of a life.)

We need to talk, I’m by the lake.

Scribbled in her neat little handwriting that was so small he had to squint to read it. Nothing else was written on either side of the stationary. Brief and to the point, yet he wished there was something more to it. Nothing good ever seemed to come from a note that only said we need to talk.

The words echoed deep in his mind, so many connotations, none of them positive.  He walked through the woods and down the dark path that coiled its way deeper. Past trees and plants that usually would have taken his interest and captured his soul. Not today.

As he walked from the edge of the forest to the edge of the lake the light choked and with it came a chill. His heart too sat on the edge of an infinite void that worked to engulf his mind.

Was she leaving him?

He could see her sat on the sandy shores of the blue expanse. Her shoulders hunched, her arms wrapped around her knees to keep some impression of warmth in. It was still early, but grey storm clouds swam across the sky, blocking out the sun and adding an even greater apprehension to the air.

Silently he sat next to her, unable to see her face clearly in the shadows of her knees. Had she been crying?

In the distance the light sprang from between the clouds, dancing on the shore and the still waters, with each dance new warmth radiated down towards the world.

“Have you been here long?”

“About an hour.”

They sat in silence a little more.

“The note was brief” Shuffling.

“I didn’t know what to write.”

“We need to talk.”

“This is our place, you’ve always said that. So much of our relationship, the good times, has happened around this lake that it seemed appropriate for this as well”.

He sat and said nothing, only listened, to her voice and to the drumming of his heart. Every four beats echoed her words, we need to talk.

The Lake© Phen Weston, 2013

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